8.11.22: Corrupted JUDGES, EVIL B1DEN regime, FEAR push on ALL levels, DATA on J@B/M@SKS proving US right! PRAY!

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American FACE by The Isaacs

The Isaacs – Lily Page

Secret service on Biden – https://t.me/realKarliBonne/112170

Digging for precious metals

UPDATE: Eric Trump Says Mar-a-Lago Security Cameras Captured FBI Agents Behaving Improperly

End The Fed https://t.me/TruthHammer/7606

⚠️Breaking: Judge Bruce Reinhart who is behind Mar A Lago FBI raid, is Epstein-Linked, Obama Donor. https://t.me/SGTnewsNetwork/29489

CNN and Sesame Street teamed up to tell kids to get the COVID vaccine https://t.me/SGTnewsNetwork/29553

Project Veritas: Staffers claim Sen. Lisa Murkowski secretly supported ranked voting system in Alaska to ensure election victory https://t.me/SGTnewsNetwork/29580

⚠️BREAKING: FBI Director Chris Wray finally confronted on FBI raid of Donald Trump’s private residence at Mar-A-Lago, deflects and says he’s “concerned” about “threats” being made to FBI agents after they ransacked the former President’s home. https://t.me/SGTnewsNetwork/29582

Fox News Stuns World With Unfiltered Truth: “This Vaccine Is the Most Dangerous Vaccine Ever Created” https://t.me/VigilantFox/5567

MEP Christine Anderson Leaves ‘The Experts’ Clueless on How to Defend Ridiculous COVID Policies https://t.me/VigilantFox/5564

All This Fear for Monkeypox? Stand Up and Say NO to the Next Plandemic https://t.me/VigilantFox/5548

Wow! Real America’s Voice just did a full 15 minute segment about President Trump exposing satanic pedophile rings!!!  https://t.me/PatriotVoiceOfficial/26743


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