8.20.22: The NUMBERS don’t lie. ST@LEN ELECTI@N. The ENEMY is desperate! PRAY!

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‘They Don’t Care’: Never Forget Had the Media Had the Dirt on Epstein and COVERED FOR HIM https://t.me/VigilantFox/5674

I’ve been warning about the CCP shills Leana Wen and Eric Ding since the beginning of the plandemic.  https://t.me/VigilantFox/5679

UB40 Singer Matt Hoy Reflects on Being Kicked Out of the Band for Refusing the COVID Jab https://t.me/VigilantFox/5680

Vaccine Myocarditis Update; Review of  Thai Study & VAERS https://t.me/VigilantFox/5681

Florida Sends a Clear Signal to Election Criminals and Arrests 20 Perpetrators for Fraud https://t.me/VigilantFox/5683

More Votes Than VOTERS in Pennsylvania: “You Don’t Certify Until This Is Investigated and Certified” https://t.me/VigilantFox/5698

“How Does That Happen?” – Absurd Voter Irregularities in Arizona https://t.me/VigilantFox/5706

?Live From The Mike Lindell Moment Of Truth Summit https://t.me/SGTnewsNetwork/30367

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