9.22.22: Russia, Fascism, Precipice … MSM is the ENEMY of the PEOPLE working overtime with father of LIES! PRAY!

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Agressive Hybrid War Teaser

Desperate Dogs Warehoused and Bred in Prison-Like Factory That Sells Them for Experimentation

Scott Ritter – Did Ukraine’s counter-offensive change the game? https://t.me/SGTnewsNetwork/32992

Russian Su-25 Aircraft Strike Military Targets

Dog The Bounty Hunter refers to Joe Biden as a, “Freak that stole the election” & “Little Hitler” ? https://t.me/vDarknessFalls/14696

“Joe Biden is calling people who question election results a threat to democracy. https://t.me/vDarknessFalls/14692

GREATEST Trump – Biden mashup I’ve ever seen!! KUDOS to the creative juices of humanity! https://t.me/vDarknessFalls/14679

Candace Owens shreds rapper twerking in front of Planned Parenthood rapping about murdering babies & dropped Truth Bomb about Planned Parenthood origins, which is the definition of irony for said rapper & her lyrics. https://t.me/vDarknessFalls/14676

The fake news is pushing a narrative that “QAnon believers” (whatever that is) think that ‘The Storm’ is when “Trump is gonna execute all of his enemies” ? https://t.me/vDarknessFalls/14669

Nancy Pelosi explaining “Smear Tactics” used by the Radical Left, Rhino’s & Fake News https://t.me/vDarknessFalls/14663

ATF Agents Make Demands At The Wrong American’s Door https://t.me/vDarknessFalls/14642

Putin’s Address: Approaching the Precipice



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